Before we start the best epilator reviews it would be best to first discuss what sets these so called “best epilators” apart from the rest. This would help the reader  better determine what type of features they should be looking for that would meet their needs when they read the best epilator reviews. If you simply just read through the best epilator reviews you would know about the features of the devices but you won’t really be able to personalize that information for yourself as this post will help you do.

Let’s quickly cover how an epilator works before we start discussing the best epilators as most women believe it does not simply cut the hair but it actually pulls the hair out. Most women might incorrectly compare an epilator with a razor but a more accurate comparison would be with a set of tweezers as the epilator pulls the unwanted out directly from the hair follicles. This feature is what makes all epilators one of the best unwanted hair removal methods notice I said this about all epilators not just the epilators that are found within the best epilator reviews. As the hair is pulled out from the hair follicle this has an affect on the follicle making the hair grow back slower. At first the hair may grow back at a normal rate but with continuous use the hair growth period will slow down considerably to the point where you will only use the epilator a couple times a month. Again this feature is found in all epilators and is not just limited to those that are found in the best epilator reviews.

You may then be asking what’s the big deal why not just buy any epilator and use that as the benefits seem to outweigh any potential downside. Most of these women have never used a bad quality epilator and experienced the painful experience. A bad epilator is not only painful but it will also cause considerable skin damage which over time may be permanent. Also a bad epilator is going to be very slow so you’re sessions will go on for more than a hour easily and yes they will be painful.

Now let’s back to discussing what you need to be on the lookout for and the most common needs most women have for their epilator. It’s the details such as below that make a epilator make it into my personalized list of the best epilator reviews.  

Features to determine the Best Epilator:

1) Do you have thick hair?

- If you have thick hair and its more than usual then make sure the epilator is able to handle these this can be determined normally by the size of the lamp (Front side of the epilator device). If the lamp size is very small then the epilator is more suited for precise tasks and it’s not designed to handle the thick hair. While epilators with wide lamp sizes are much better suited to handle a larger quantity of hair and should also be able to tackle thick hair. Another option is to look if the epilator has an option to function as a shaver. You will find that some of the best epilators are an epilator that has an option to act as a shaver this can also be a good option if you have thick hair.

2) Do you have fine hair?

- This would be similar to above that you should look out for the lamp size but the lamp size alone should not be the biggest consideration. As there are many epilators and the majority of those found within the best epilator reviews with larger lamp sizes that handle fine hair very well. You should be looking for features related to the tweezers as many devices mention that they are using some sort of technology that allows the device to pick hair a small as a certain size.

3) Where do you want to use the epilator?

- If you want to use the epilator just normally on the go then you cannot be too detailed about this point but if you plan on using the epilator with water then you need to be on the lookout for this. Most epilators will directly mention on the box if the epilator can be used within water or not. It should be noted that all of the epilators that are found within my best epilators reviews are “wet and dry” epilators this means they can be used in water.